Michael Lipman
310 Rydal Ave.
Mill Valley, Ca. 94941
(415) 383-1927

Work Experience:

9/92 - Present Digital Animator, CD ROM/Web Designer, Character Design work-for-hire.

For the past six years I have been called in to create the "look" and characters for a number of interactive projects including CD ROMs, interface agents, & licensed character "properties".

6/89 - 9/92 Creative Director for the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand.

From initial storyboarding to finished online editing, I was responsible for the graphic design and production of every nationally distributed sales & training videotape produced by Coopers & Lybrand . Duties included: All initial design, storyboarding, 3/4 in. offline editing, and producing broadcast quality computer graphics with such software as TIPS, RIO, and Panorama in the DOS environment. On the Macintosh I produced graphics and desktop presentations using software such as MacroMedia Director, Photoshop, and Freehand.

10/87 - 6/89 Art Director for the production company, "Brilliant Image".

Duties included: Storyboards, desktop presentations on the VideoShow platform, along with designing and producing high resolution slides using Zenographics' Mirage software. I was also responsible for a production staff of four artists, as well as having direct accountability to my clients.

6/85 - 9/87 Animator at Filmation Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Duties included: Classic "full" animation for feature films, character design, story sketches, and general mischief.


Client List:

Microsoft, Inc.

Character Designer for Help character to be used within the "Microsoft Office" suite of programs. (1998)

Prodigy Online Services

Intelligent Agent Character Designer/Animator for online help and information character. (1998)

Purple Moon Software

Lead Character Designer/Storyboard "doctor" for upcoming CD game for girls. (1998)

Broderbund Software

Lead Animation Layout Artist/Character Designer/Animator for the "Carmen Math Detective" CD. (1997)

Virgin Interactive

Writer/Character Designer/Actor for "Caddy Hack" haunted miniature golf CD-ROM. (1996)

Scholastic Inc.

Animator/Storyboard artist for "Young Voices" CD-ROM. (1995)

Amazing Media

Animation Director/Character Designer for the "Field Trip to the Airport" CD-ROM. (1995)

Apple Computer, Inc.

Character Designer/Illustrator for the Newton2 OS. Designed signature character. (1995) Character Designer for a merchandisable property that doubles as an "intelligent agent". Animator/Designer for a prototype software that uses my characters as "assistants". (1993)

Bandai Toy Company, Japan

Animation Director/ Storyboard Artist for various online projects and CD-ROM titles. (1995)

Namco-America, Inc.

Animator/Designer for "Speed Racer" coin-op video game. (1994)

Star Press Multimedia

Project Co-Designer/Lead Artist for "Body Fun", a children's CD ROM that highlights nutrition & good health. (1993-94)

Bogas Software

Animator/Designer for interactive music title that turns the Mac into an interactive music machine. (1992)

Ogilvy & Mather

Graphic Design Coordinator for interactive Cable television network. (1991)

Nickelodeon Network

Full color illustrations for the prime-time game show "Finder's Keepers". (1990)



B.A. Fine Art, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), 1984.

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