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360360 VR is a content company dedicated to creating immersive storytelling within the realms of Virtual and Augmented reality. Our talent pool of associated Artists and Creatives includes feature film animators, commercials directors, sound designers, and storyboard artists.

Our latest piece, “Prehistoric Cave Painting” is the first completely 2D hand-drawn 360˚ VR short, and was created specifically for the Google Cardboard platform. We worked closely with our client TED Ed to create an educational piece that utilized all of the benefits of the immersive experience. The reviews have been awesome and we’re working on a follow up!
You can experience “Cave Painting” on your VR viewer by clicking on the graphic below:

(Be sure to choose the highest resolution setting in the YouTube phone app)


Mid-Cave ScreenShot_02_Button

Want to read how we created the “Cave” piece?

You can view all 4 columns here:


We’re working on some exciting new projects for Facebook 360 and Google. You can see some of our previous animation work with Google by clicking on the Valentine’s Day “Google Doodle” below:


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